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    Scientific Program


    The Scientific Program will be composed of oral and poster presentations.  These will be distributed over four days, from November 9-10 and 12-13.

    Oral Presentations

    Oral presentations will be divided into plenary and general technical sessions.  The time allotted for plenary papers will be 40 minutes, and 20 minutes for papers in the technical sessions.

    Poster Presentations

    Poster presentations will be on-going throughout the Symposium, including networking sessions during the early evenings of the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the Symposium.

    Technical Sessions

    Abstracts to IAGS2020 must be submitted to one of the following Technical Sessions.  Please read the description of each one before submitting your abstract.

    Exploration geochemistry: present and future challenges

    Soon more information

    New field portable technologies: improving the analysis and turnaround times in exploration

    Soon more information

    Big data: squeezing multi-element geochemical data by means of data science and self-learning techniques

    Soon more information

    Geochemistry applied to mineral characterization for geological, geometallurgical and resource modeling

    Soon more information

    Environmental geochemistry: closing the gap for sustainable mining and development

    Soon more information

    Water and hydrogeochemistry: challenges in exploration, mining and sustainable development

    Soon more information

    Isotopic geochemistry: new uses in applied geochemistry

    Soon more information

    Linking geology and geochemistry to viticulture and wine

    Soon more information

    Analytical geochemistry technologies and quality assurance / quality control

    Soon more information